VOIP Solutions

Do you live in an area without Telkom landlines or do you simply want to save on call costs for your home or business? Then, the BlueSky Voice Over IP (VOIP) service is your solution.

Simply put, we will provide you with a full telephone service for making and receiving calls through the internet, using a desktop phone or wireless phone.

Calls are crystal clear, with services such as voicemail built right in.

What does it cost? Line Rental: 1st Line: R100 per month 2nd Line: R50 per month 3rd + Line: FREE

Call Costs: Call costs vary but are anything between 35% and 50% cheaper than Telkom or any of the Mobile operators

Handset:  The handsets come in options of a desktop phone, or a cordless phone. The Cordless phones can have up to 6 additional handsets. Concurrent calling is possible. Price on handsets vary depending on customer requirements.